At TriForce, we strive to create an environment where all members of our community have the opportunity to grow into healthier, stronger, active participants in their own lives.

Better health is not just a goal, it’s the mission. And for me personally, I HAVE to Practice what we preach at Triforce.

A few years ago, I did genetic testing to check on a few health concerns and came back positive for Lynch Syndrome. This diagnosis means I have an over 80% chance of developing colon cancer at a young age.

Pursuing health is not just an option for me, there are serious potential ramifications if I don’t. I want to be here for my wife and my kids. And by living a healthy lifestyle, that gives me the best chances of beating the odds and staying as healthy as possible.

I also want to help other people be there for their families, and to have the ability and the confidence to know that their bodies will be able to do what they want to do. Life isn’t just about existing and ‘being there’, it is about being an active participant.

TriForce fitness positive values through rope workouts.

Weighing Our Values and Creating TriForce CrossFit

In 2016, my wife Megan and I came to a crossroads in regards to my career options.

I could either continue pursuing life climbing the corporate ladder within a Physical Therapy company or I would need to try to find something else to do. While staying in the corporate world would have been very safe (positive value points – we’ll get to that later!), it also prevented many other positive value experiences such as spending extra time with my family. It also didn’t allow Megan and I to pursue any opportunities to work together.

So one day we sat down and listed out the things that we value most.

Davis (+) Values

  • Spending time together as a family (not just working for the weekends)
  • Living healthy lifestyles (time and space to workout and eat right) in order to feel good
  • Participate in things like competitions or playing on the beach with our family
  • Empowering other people to live that same type of lifestyle
  • Living in community with people that have similar values
  • The opportunity for Megan and I to work together
  • Serving Christ by using the gifts that He has blessed us with
  • Gain extended time for things like vacations, mission trips, etc.
  • Live life planning for the future, but enjoying the RIGHT NOW (more on this to come)

Values to Action: How Do We Get There?

So with our short list glaring at us, we really had no option but to make an intentional decision. To either come up with a plan that would allow us to work towards these things that would add value to our lives and relationship, or ignore it and keep heading down a path of more neutral and negative value experiences.

We recalled an experience from our college days when we were blessed to work in a small gym setting together. We got to know some of the coolest people, enjoyed coming to work every day, and overall felt recharged from work.

Now 7 years wiser, with more degrees and life experience together, we thought it was time that we took on the challenge to put the pieces together and recreate that environment ourselves.

CrossFit embodies so many of our values, and we already enjoyed training together ourselves. BUT, change is hard. So it was so much easier to just talk about the possibilities of changing our lives and increasing our positive value.

Then something forced us into a decision.

TriForce values camaraderie and community.

My Diagnosis With Lynch Syndrome

After knowing my whole life that I had poor genes in general, I finally decided to get genetic testing done. And our fears were confirmed. I tested positive for Lynch Syndrome.

This genetic mutation puts me at a MUCH higher risk of developing several types of cancer. Most specifically >80% chance of developing colon cancer at a young age.


You want to talk about game changers? While I don’t have cancer, it does literally reorder and reshape our value systems. Remember that “Live life planning for the future, but enjoying the RIGHT NOW” concept? YOLO seriously began to mean something new for us.

So, WHY would we wait to pursue our passion?

Obviously, none of us are promised tomorrow. But Megan and I decided if we were ever going to open up something on our own, it needed to be NOW.

TriForce CrossFit: Our Ultimate Solution

So, we moved our whole family to the St. Augustine, FL area and started a business with all of our resources.

Yes, it’s scary. But now our family gets to spend time together working, working out, and serving our community with our gifts. It’s awesome!

And I’m confident that TriForce can help you achieve more positive value experiences in your own life as well:

  • We can help you feel better.
  • With the right effort, you’ll learn to move better.
  • You’ll spend less time at the doctor’s office and more time adding positive value experiences to your life.

Of course, there are barriers and lack of resources. But I promise that if you are able to pursue those (+) value items either here or elsewhere, the lack of resources will suddenly become less of an issue.

Please don’t let a diagnosis, tragedy or epic event be required to make the decision to value YOURSELF!

Make life changes today that will help you achieve those things you have on your list. Join us and get started! We can’t wait to meet you and help you along your journey.

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