The TriForce Programs get their power from custom integration. Each program works in unison together to improve the overall results for our members. Therefore each pillar is an equal part of the stronger whole.

A completely custom fitness and nutrition plan complements our rigorous CrossFit workouts, maximizing overall results. Every TriForce member has access to recovery care from our doctor of physical therapy. Additionally, professional nutrition advice from our registered dietitian is also a key part of our customized fitness plans.

Your Journey, Your Way

While we believe our programs work best when utilized altogether, we also offer singular plans for members. Whether it’s nutrition plans that work with your training, or physical therapy to rehab nagging injuries, we have you covered!

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Kettle bell and medicine ball on box

No matter your experience level with CrossFit, or athletics as a whole, we meet you where you are in your fitness journey. We make sure every member goes through our CrossFit Foundations course to ensure a solid base of fundamentals to build upon.

The keys we focus on out of the gate are efficiency in lifts and avoiding strain in the wrong places to prevent injury. From there we have a selection of two different classes that each person can choose from, and we will help you customize a workout perfect for your experience level within those classes.

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Physical Therapy


Physical therapy is not just for major injury recovery or individuals in pain. It’s also major part of injury prevention and keeping athletes in their best form. No one has completely perfect form in CrossFit exercises, and no one’s body is in perfect balance.

Continually working on flexibility and motion in the body is one of the best ways to prevent injuries in weak areas. At TriForce Fitness we use physical therapy both as a means of rehabilitation for those that need it and as a means of strengthening the body so you can achieve new bests along your journey.

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Nutrition is one of the most important components of peak performance. You can put in all the work of exercising and still not see the results you’d like without a proper nutrition plan.

Stepping into a new nutritional plan can be intimidating, and often time trend diets can carry negative connotations for individuals. Proper nutrition is an essential building block to success in CrossFit and any type of intense workout. At TriForce our registered dietician works with you to make sure your nutrition plan aligns with your body and longterm fitness goals.

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