Serving Northeast Florida: St. Augustine and Jacksonville CrossFit Classes

At TriForce, CrossFit is one of the key foundations to everything else we offer. We seek to serve the Northeast Florida community, offering St. Augustine and Jacksonville CrossFit programs. And we believe the right CrossFit program is one of the most effective ways to achieve a wide variety of health and fitness goals.

No matter your experience level in CrossFit or weight training, we meet you exactly where you are on your fitness journey. Therefore we set all of our members on a path to success with completely customized experiences in our CrossFit Programs.

Changing the Game

On the surface, it’s intimidating for any athlete to try CrossFit. Especially for newcomers stepping into the sport. We know this, which is why we work to subvert the competitive, obtrusive CrossFit cliches. You won’t find any peacocking at TriForce, because we believe anyone can try CrossFit safely and effectively while seeing amazing results.

One of our major goals is to improve the everyday movements and actions in our client’s daily life. We know there is more to life than CrossFit, and we believe the point of exercise and nutrition is to be even stronger and better once you step outside of the gym. Our CrossFit Programs can help you achieve that balance and more!

TriForce Jacksonville crossFit member

Start Your 12 Week CrossFit Journey

We start new memberships with a free one-on-one consultation with one of our coaches before you ever start exercising. Firstly, this helps us get to know you, your fitness goals and experience. And it allows us to set you up for success on your journey.

Your free consultation includes:

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)- We assess your preparedness to move well and prevent injury
  • Body composition measurement – Using our bio-electrical impedance analysis scale, you will learn your weight, body fat% and lean mass%. They’re helpful metrics to better track improvement.
  • Goal setting – We want to know your “why.” Your fitness journey is a personal experience, and established goals are crucial for your success.

St. Augustine and Jacksonville CrossFit Foundations Course

To make CrossFit more accessible, TriForce Founder Chris Davis created a unique CrossFit Foundations course designed to develop every core competency in functional movement needed to succeed, develop and thrive in our CrossFit workouts. Participation in our CrossFit Foundations course is required, but new members with previous experience have the option to “test out” of the courses.

Our CrossFit Foundations course includes six 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions. Results are not only used to assess fitness levels for more custom workouts, but also as a way to ensure that the needs of every member are addressed on an individual basis.

Above all, a solid foundation allows members to confidently step into workouts and avoid injury. Think of it as an educational bootcamp for the lifelong fitness voyage you’re embarking on.

Jacksonville CrossFit Kettlebell workout.

St. Augustine and Jacksonville CrossFit Group Classes

After the initial 1-on-1 Foundations Course is completed, we encourage members to participate in our Group Classes. We find that a community atmosphere helps to drive individual member success forward; everyone is on their own journey, together.

TriForce CrossFit is founded on the understanding that a one size fits all approach to exercise is not effective. While the CrossFit framework can be utilized for anyone, its implementation should not be the same for everyone. Individuals have different needs and fitness goals, and individual CrossFit Programs should reflect that.

Here’s what you can expect from some of our CrossFit Classes.

Personalized Group Fitness

  • Classes are 60 minutes start-to-finish.
  • Each class has a specific warm-up and cool-down.
  • Workouts are divided into 6 different Levels in order to allow each person to do a workout that is appropriate for them.
  • A combination of barbell, bodyweight, and cardio movements for overall improvement in body composition and fitness.
  • Always coach led, with the opportunity to discuss the workouts with your coach, and get immediate feedback on your form.
  • Class size restricted to 12 participants with a coach.

Jacksonville CrossFit Coach at TriForce Fitness.

One-on-One Coaching Sessions

For all of our members, classes become a home away from home. We strive to create a healthy environment where everyone is on their own journey, together. But the individual journey is our focus. Therefore we believe one-on-one coaching is another great tool to utilize to help you break through plateaus and further develop your training and workouts. Our hour-long, one-on-one sessions can be utilized as frequently as desired by members.

What Does One-On-One Coaching Add to Your Journey?

  • Extra accountability- Sometimes we all need the extra drive that comes from an experienced coach focused directly on you for an entire workout. We believe in our group classes, but it’s hard to minimize the advantage of individual workouts and the motivation that comes with it.
  • Extra technical work- Certain movements will frustrate you at times. Sometimes all the practice at home, watching videos, and questions in class won’t get you over the hump of mastering advanced techniques. A few individual sessions with a coach will clean up any errors and get you back to work, at an even higher level.
  • Extra specialization- Some members require more specific workouts. If the workouts designed for the gym as a whole do not match the very special goals that you have, it may be best to allow your coach to come up with a workout plan that is specifically created for you.


While we believe our programs work best when utilized altogether, we also offer singular plans for members. Whether it’s a nutrition plan that works with your other training routines or physical therapy to rehab a nagging injury, we have you covered!

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